We know how difficult and emotional having to say goodbye to your beloved pets can be. At Jefferson Animal Clinic, we want to ensure that when the time comes for your pet to cross the Rainbow Bridge it is with the most gentle, loving way possible. We have a private comfort room where families are able to enter and exit through a separate door to ensure privacy from the rest of the clinic. When scheduling or arriving for your appointment, you will be asked how you would like your pet’s remains to be cared for. We work with Lasting Paws to transport and cremate your pet’s remains either for communal cremation or private cremation. Private cremation ensures that your pet is cremated individually and cremains are returned to our clinic, and then returned to your family. Communal cremations consist of a group cremation and your pet’s ashes are spread rather than returned to your family.

To schedule an appointment for end of life services for your pet, please call us at 303-423-3370. If we have never met your pet prior to this appointment, please know that your veterinarian reserves the right to perform and charge for an exam to assess your pet’s quality of life.

If you and your loved ones would prefer having end of life services for your pet performed at home, we recommend the following mobile veterinarians.

Journey Home: 303-542-7213

Caring Pathways: 720-287-2553