If you live in Jefferson County or unincorporated Jefferson County, you are required to license your dogs with Foothills Animal Shelter. We are proud to work with Foothills Animal Shelter to issue these licenses and renewals.

Whether you are an existing client or are new to the neighborhood, we are able to issue your canines a license. There is a $20 fee per license and/or renewal that can be paid in cash or check only. If you wish to pay by check, please make the check out to Foothills Animal Shelter. We will need to provide Foothills Animal Shelter with a copy of your pet’s current and valid rabies certificate. We MUST have a copy of the certificate in order to proceed so if your pet is not a patient of ours, you will need to provide previous records that include this certificate. You will also need to confirm your contact information including address, email address and phone number(s) in the event that your pet is lost and/or found.

You can also visit the website below to apply and/or renew your pet’s license online.


Give us a call if you have any other questions or concerns.